I have had a 20 year career as a massage therapist. I graduated from Texas Massage Institute in 2000 in Dallas, Texas. I have worked in all varieties of massage establishments, from high end spas to chiropractic clinics, always with a focus on helping people allow deep relaxation and free themselves from chronic pain. Years of experience working on every body type has honed my touch and healing intuition. I have training in Myofascial Release from John Barnes and I incorporate neuromuscular therapy, trigger point, Myoflexxion stretching, and acupressure techniques. I spent 3 months in Pune, India at the Osho “Work as Meditation” program, where I learned to focus all of my attention on you in the moment.  I look forward to guiding you in your healing journey!


  • 2000 Texas Massage Institute
  • Myofascial Release I, II, and MFR Unwinding (2001) 60 hrs
  • John Barnes
Myoflexxion Technique 2006
  • Deep Tissue 2008
  • Thai Massage 2010                          
  • Advanced Aromatherapy 2012
  • Reflexology 2014
  • Neuromuscular and Trigger Point Therapy 2014
  • Nerve Mobilization 2014
  • Acupressure for Massage 2016
  • Soft Tissue Release 2018
  • Massage for Headaches and Neck Pain 2018
  • Fundamentals of Geriatric Massage 2020
  • Massage Therapy and Sciatica 2020
  • Controlling Infectious Agents 2020

Team Information

 Massage Therapist