Amelia Ball

As a lot of empathic women do, I chose a profession in the healthcare field where I could help people. I started off with my bachelors in kinesiology (exercise science) and eventually completed a masters program in occupational therapy. Occupational therapy was appealing to me because of its functional and holistic approach to a person. OTs are trained in the physical, cognitive, and psychological aspects of a person and how they can live their life to its fullest despite any setbacks. I love occupational therapy, but I quickly got burnt out in the world of American healthcare. In my experience working with individuals in healthcare, I have been extremely frustrated with the medical model that the western world is consumed by. I have seen countless cases of people on 10+ medications for a host of diseases that are 100% preventable and reversible through lifestyle management.

I quickly became immersed in a more holistic and preventive route to health, taking continuing education courses in things I believe in. I became certified in myofascial release, Reiki II, and health coaching. I completed both a pain management mentorship and assisted stretch training with Julia Traylor. Since I drove so much doing home health, I would listen to podcasts on personal growth, health, and spirituality. And I practiced my own self-care through meditation, yoga, bodywork, attending women’s circles, and listening to the needs of my own body. I started using some of these techniques on my own clients, and saw how people are starved for human touch, connection, proper nutrition, movement, and psychological wellness. I am elated to be joining the Rise team and offering stretch therapy!


Education and Certifications:

  • Licenced Occupational Therapist in the state of Texas #117410
  • Board Certified Occupational Therapist
  • Masters in Occupational Therapy, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
  • Bachelors in Kinesiology-Exercise Science Track, New Mexico State University
  • 2019: Assisted Stretch Training, Julia Traylor
  • 2018: Certified Health Coach, National Society of Health Coaches
  • 2018: Myofascial Release I Certification, John F. Barnes
  • 2017: Usui Reiki II Certification, Carrie Laymon
  • 2017: Massage and Pain Management Mentorship, Julia Traylor
  • 2016: Incorporating Mind/Body Concepts into Clinical Practice, Kelly Clancy
  • 2016: Emotional Freedom Technique Intro Course, Emmy Vadnais


Memberships and Affiliations:

  • Holistic Occupational Therapy

Team Information

 Stretch Therapist