Art of Stretch Bodywork

Contrary to popular belief, stretching is not really about lengthening a muscle. It is about improving range of motion, which requires a balance of flexibility and stability. We don’t achieve this balance by forcing a single “tight” muscle to elongate, but by improving communication between the nervous system, the myofascia, and all the connective tissue in an area where tension is perceived. Our active, dynamic style of stretching works directly with the nervous system to retrain inhibitions and change the brain’s mind about pain.

Yoga teachers, massage therapists, occupational therapists, and certified fitness professionals are eligible to apply. 2020 Stretch Trainings take place at Breath and Body Yoga (Exposition):

Massage Mentorship

At RISE, our definition of massage begins with a new definition of the body. The body is not a stagnant, two-dimensional figure from an anatomy book. It is a living spiral-spring system in motion. It is made up of overlapping biospychosocial bodies that are so much more than muscle and bone. Far from bulldozing the body into shape as if it were a lump of clay, our pain management techniques are fine-tuned to interact with nervous systems, cognitive processes, and myofascia simultaneously. Through collaborative assessment, movement massage, and graded exposure therapy, this style of bodywork works with (instead of on) your clients to safely improve range of motion and help them manage their pain. Our signature style of massage is best described as a blend of three integrated modalities: advanced deep tissue methods, myoskeletal alignment therapy, and Thai-yoga bodywork.

Julia is no longer teaching private mentorship classes. If you have a group of 3 or more therapists who are interested in group mentorship, contact Julia at (512) 200-3909 for rates and training schedules.